Jewish Value Focus



This school year, Chadash was selected to take part in the PJ Goes to School national curriculum program.  PJ Goes to School (PJGtS), a companion program to PJ Library®, works with schools and educators across North America to bring Jewish values to life in your school community. PJGtS offers a holistic approach to family engagement and Jewish education, triggering conversations about Jewish values in schools in the same way PJ Library inspires dialogue in the home.

Though PJGtS is designed for students in K – 2nd grade, the Jewish values taught are ones that can apply to all levels of learning.  As a result, Chadash will follow the same schedule of Jewish value learning school-wide as what is being taught in the younger classrooms.

PJGtS’s 2018/2019 theme is:  Community and Taking Action

Rather than practice a “Jewish Value of the Month” as was done last school year, our curricular focus will deep dive into the four values listed below so that each student in our school and parents at home can share these values and learning together.

September:  Tzedakah/Generosity

November:  Gemilut Chasadim/Acts of Loving Kindness

January:  Areyvut/Responsibility

April: Tzelem Elokim/Celebrating Diversity