In this play based and art focused curriculum, Pre-K though Kindergarten students will explore Bible stories and rituals associated with each of the Jewish holidays that fall within the school year. They will also discover many of the Jewish values taught in the Torah that will help to build them up to become menches within the community and well into their adult lives.

2nd Grade—4th Grade

This two-year curriculum takes each student through a journey within the land of Israel. In year one, students will learn the historical and significant points of interest within the largely populated cities and regions from the North to the South of Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel). In year two, students will learn about modern culture, inventions and practices of the Israeli people.

5th Grade—6th Grade

As students develop emotionally and spiritually within the Chasdash program, they delve into the ritual practices of the Jewish lifecycles and prayer studying from birth to death and everything in between. Woven into their lessons are the mitzvot (commandments) which dictate Jewish law and the manner in which we conduct ourselves during every Jewish occasion.


7th—8th Grade Beit Midrash

In this two year curriculum, students explore both comparative Judaism and comparative religion. Each week, students engage in and study about the practice of various faith denominations through the assistance of expert guest lecturers and by visiting a variety of religious houses of worship. An in depth study of Holocaust education and other topics are also explored.

9th—10th Grade Confirmation

Confirmation students explore the “big questions” of Judaism with Rabbi Adland and learn how to apply Judaism into their modern lives. NEW THIS YEAR— Students will practice the commandment of Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) through social action pro- jects within the greater Canton community by visiting various or- ganizations each month.

11th—12th Grade—Madrichim (Teacher’s Aides)

Students develop their leadership skills by working with younger students. This is a volunteer position that can be used towards the needed community service hours for school. Once each month Madrichim will be led through leadership training workshops by a variety of facilitators. A commitment of regular attendance is required to participate.