Torah Tots

In this play based and art focused curriculum, Preschool Chadash
students will explore the rituals associated with each of the Jewish
holidays that fall within the school year and explore synagogue life by examining the Jewish symbols throughout Beit Ha’am.  They will also discover many of the Jewish values taught in the Torah that will help to build them up to become menches within the community and well into their adult lives.

K-2nd Grade

Our K- 2nd grade students will spend the year exploring the stories from the Torah.  They will hear the ancient tales of the Jewish matriarchs and patriarchs and learn to apply the lessons and commandments to their modern everyday lives.

3rd-5th Grade

As students develop emotionally and spiritually within the Chasdash program, they will explore a year of Jewish life cycles using the book/curriculum “A Journey Through Time” as a guide.

6th-8th Grade 

Our 8th-9th grade class will begin to examine the Holocaust and the history of antisemitism and how it affects hate in modern society. Students in this class will learn a deeper understanding of the importance of conquering hate through education. and dialogue.

9th Grade (Pre-Confirmation) – 10th Grade (Confirmation)

Our confirmation/pre-confirmation curriculum focuses on big ideas, with an emphasis on critical thinking as these high-schoolers prepare for a lifelong commitment to Jewish living and learning.
These are the topics we will cover:
  • Is Judaism a Religion?
  • Hebrew as the Universal Jewish Language
  • Organized Prayer
  • What Must Jews Believe?
  • What Must Jews Do?
  • The World of Kashrut
  • The State of Israel
  • A People in Exile
  • Confronting Tragedy
  • Tikkun Olam
  • Global Jewish Peoplehood
  • Purim – Not What You Thought It Was
  • The Miracles of Chanukah Re-imagined
  • Encountering and Countering Anti-Semitism
  • Chanukah – Miracles & Militaries
  • Confluence and Divergence with the Streams of Judaism: Reform / Conservative / Orthodox 

11th—12th Grade (Post Confirmation)
Madrichim (Teacher’s Aides)

 Students develop their leadership skills by working with younger students.  This is a volunteer position that can be used towards the needed leadership hours for school.  A commitment of regular attendance is required to participate.